Vacations aren’t just for relaxing!


What did you just say? Workout? On Vacation?

The word “Relax” means something different to all of us. Vacations typically are for relaxing and enjoying time with your loved ones, but don’t forget to add in something fun and active for yourself, which CAN count as a workout!

Next vacation – take your FitBit, BodyBugg or heart rate monitor wrist-watch and go to town!  —Literally. Walk or run around town, it will be fun!


Like most people, I have a pretty hectic schedule, which sometimes doesn’t allow me to get in the proper workouts I would like. That’s why when I am on vacation I like to do active things to supplement the time I didn’t get to workout while I was working 24/7.  It’s pretty nice sitting back and enjoying a cocktail and watching the sunset, but it’s even more rewarding after a hike or a bike ride along the beach or on a mountain trail. A cocktail is surely worth the wait after a great experience and a nice little heart rate booster!

That’s why I need to go back to Maui! I didn’t get to do all the hiking and sight seeing on my list, so I have plenty of things to look forward to!


– Go outside and find a good spot to do this!


Ballistic & Static Stretching

Advanced: Light Jog or Run

Main Course:


— Rail Push ups [ 2 sets of 15]  (Find a rail or something about waist high to do some warm up Push ups – get the push ups outta the way first!)

— Wide Push ups [ 2 sets of 15] (PERFECT PUSH UPS > CRAPPY # of REPS)

—  Hindu Push ups [ 2 sets of 10] (Also known as an “under the fence” or “dip” style push up)


— Alternating Walking Lunges [ 1 set of 24 ] (Thats 12 on each leg, get the blood moving)

— Alternating Jumping Lunges [ 2 sets of 10] ( Count to 10 – that means 5 on each leg per set)

— Bulgarian Split Squats [ 2 sets of 12]  (Find a bench or a rock about Knee height — prop back leg up on bench and dip down into a lunge — 10 on each leg per set)


— Step ups (Warm up) [ 1 or 2 sets of 12 – on each leg] (Find a ledge and step up… just lift yourself up with one leg only each set, then switch sides )

— Ledge Jumps  [ 2 sets of 10] (Find a ledge that you can SAFELY jump up on with both feet. No cliffs! If you can’t find a good ledge, you’re not looking hard enough, or I guess just do some 3 sets of 40 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS instead.


— Body weight squats [2 sets of 40]

— Jump Squats [ 2 sets of 15]

Advanced: alternate in or add Pistol Squats [ AMRAP on each leg without killing your legs!]



— 1, 2, 3     AKA    Left side, Center, Right side – Your choice of  :45 – :60 sec  for each


— Russian Twists [ 2 sets of 40]


— Static Stretching

— ADVANCED: Bust out some Yoga poses {Vinyasa into warrior poses a few times! Love it!}

This is NOT one of my previous Maui vacation photos below. I grabbed it off the internet in hopes that I can go to this spot one day SOON, very SOON. *day dreaming*

Venice Falls –  Maui



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