1 on 1 Training

1 on 1 Personal Training 

Customized training just for you based on your goals. Do any of these apply to you?

– New to fitness

– Get back into a routine

– Enhance your workout routine

– Sports specific cross training

– Shape up for an event

– Get stronger and feel better daily



Here’s an overview of how the 1 on 1 training could be shaped to fit your goals!

Example Session # 1
– Readiness questionnaire (10 min)

  • Contact info
  • Fitness History
  • Medical Concerns/History
  • Body Composition
  • Goal Setting

On the go, easy and quick form you will fill out on my iPad. Answer, sign and you are done. I can also send you PDF copies of our agreement.

Fitness assessment (10 – 20 min)
— This is usually a series of a few body weight exercises to see where your fitness level is currently at and where to go from there.

Custom Full Body workout Menu, [Based on the assessment (30 min)]
This will likely be “boot camp” style and consist of a combination of these types of exercises:
– Body weight exercises/ Calisthenics
– Kettlebell or Dumbbell exercises
– Mixed with Heart rate boosters & Cardio exercises
[Examples: Boxing drills, calisthenics, quick stepping, sprints]

– Cool Down Combo
— Abs
— Yoga or Stretching

– End of class: Informative workout planning for future dates (or nutrition planning with the 2nd tier package)

  Don’t be scared! We will work to your current abilities.

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